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Our Christmas Gift – get £££ off the Optimus EV Charger

Our Christmas Gift - get money off the Optimus EV charger

We wanted to spread some Christmas cheer. As a holiday rental owner, you can purchase the untethered Optimus, our smart EV home charger, from £960 with standard installation included, down from £1,069. Make sure to select ‘Untethered’ and ‘Standard Installation’ at checkout.

The untethered option is the most ideal option for holiday let owners. It prevents any issues occurring or people miss-using the cable. EV owners will normally carry a cable in their car so they can plug it in anywhere, then they are responsible for their cable.

If you’re thinking about buying an EV charger for the first time or you’re not getting the most from your current EV charger, use our Christmas Gift promotion code ‘EVGIFT23’ to receive almost 10% off. Make sure to select ‘Untethered’ and ‘Standard Installation’ at checkout.

Equipped with cutting-edge technology that enables unmatched reliability, the Optimus is the leading choice for holiday rental owners who want a charger that delivers convenience, reliability and savings.

Holiday rental EV charging

It’s time to stop footing your guests’ EV charging bill. With our smart EV home charger, Optimus, you receive 100% of EV charging profits – directly transferred to your bank account at the end of each month. It’s super easy for guests too; they simply arrive at a property, scan a QR code near the charger and pay for kWh used without needing to download any apps.

  • Stop paying for your guests’ fuel
  • Receive 100% of EV charging profits
  • Set your tariff, get paid monthly

Eliminate electricity theft

Electricity theft and irregular energy usage by guests is a serious cause for concern for Airbnb and holiday without EV charging. Office for National Statistics figures show a record-high 3,691 reports of “dishonest use of electricity” to police in 2022, the highest annual total since the Home Office began tracking police crimes.

It can take around 30 hours to reach full charge with a standard household socket, which is a substantial amount of time for power to continuously flow. With a smart EV charger, holiday rentals remove the risks such as burglary due to guests running wires out of windows, fire due to EV charging via a three-pin plug and invalidating property insurance.

The Optimus is custom-built to eliminate these specific concerns whilst generating money that could directly help pay for the charger and making a sustainable source of supplementary income.

Generate supplementary income

A smart EV home charger allows an Airbnb or holiday to create a non-traditional revenue stream that generates sustainable supplemental income, whether your property is in the centre of a busy city, on the coast or in the countryside. Optimus owners have full control over their kWh charging tariff and, as a result, control their own profit margins.

Your Airbnb or holiday home could generate*:

  • More than £2,400 in extra revenue from EV charging in the first year*
  • Includes paying off the cost of the charger in just three months
  • Generates over £16,000 in extra supplementary profit over a five-year period

Promotion code: ‘EVGIFT23’

Share your chargers with the public

With Go Zero Charge’s software, Airbnb and holiday homes can share their chargers to the public and earn additional supplemental income outside of peak season. Powered by a simple toggle control, there are also advanced scheduling capabilities to help maximise profitability.

EV drivers reserve your charger in advance, ensuring only they can access the charger during their allotted time, and you get paid. Go Zero Charge gives 100% of EV charging profits to you – transferred directly to your bank account at the end of each month.

  • Activate your EV charger, get paid monthly
  • Full control over availability and profit margin
  • Receive reservations outside of peak season
We’re jumping the gun on Black Friday – Receive £150 off - scheduling and reliability

Unrivalled reliability & support

Reliability is imperative for EV drivers – rather than visiting a petrol station, an EV driver relies on a charger for fuel. This is especially true for holiday-goers who are away from home.

Go Zero Charge’s 60-second ‘heartbeat’ monitor sets it apart from other choices. The heartbeat, an in-built health checker, is connected to Go Zero Charge’s servers and refreshes every 60 seconds. Businesses can review the live status of their chargers from the Go Zero Charge portal, providing total peace of mind that it’s always functioning correctly.

  • Your charger is your fuel, we ensure it works
  • Optimus is monitored every 60 seconds
  • You and your charger are supported 24/7

In the unlikely event that anything should happen, Go Zero Charge is immediately notified and the customer support team will directly contact the person operating the charger, likely before they even realised there was an issue. Real peace of mind.

Solar Ready

For Airbnb and holiday homes which already have solar panels or are considering installation, Go Zero Charge’s software and hardware is fully solar ready**. Fuelling users’ electric vehicles with solar energy is one of the most cost-effective and sustainable ways to drive.

How B&Bs can monetise EV charging - add EV charging to make money

Manage, monitor and earn

The Optimus is driven by an intelligent mobile app that maximises control and convenience for Airbnb and holiday home owners who want to check in on their charger from afar.

Owners gain easy access to a range of advanced charging functions, including real-time usage (kWh and cost) and having the unique opportunity to rent out their charger to the public to earn a supplemental income while at work or on holiday.

  • Easy-to-use mobile app with advanced charging functions
  • Monitor your charger(s) from afar
  • Real-time charging trends, spending and history

Putting customers first

Go Zero Charge offers jargon-free support, going above and beyond with every installation. Following a free virtual home survey to ensure compliance with UK safety regulations and understand the property’s unique requirements, Go Zero Charge’s nationwide installation team will ensure the electric vehicle charger is installed quickly and efficiently with end-to-end peace of mind and support.

Furthermore, our mobile app is user-friendly and supported by helpful videos to help guide Optimus owners through all elements of using the charger. If you need further assistance for whatever reason, our exceptional customer support team is always available via phone to answer any enquiries or provide help when you need it.

  • Jargon-free support
  • Above and beyond with every installation
  • Putting our customers’ needs first, always

Choose your Optimus installation

Upon purchase, customers receive a text message with instructions to complete a virtual survey (customer support with the survey is available). After completing your virtual survey, you can arrange delivery and installation. Your charger unit is shipped within two days and you pick your own installation date.

Please do not open or unpack the charger, this could void your warranty and should only be done by an electrician. The average installation time is three-to-four hours, subject to installer availability.

Buy now and save!

What’re you waiting for? Buy the Optimus now and use our Christmas gift promotion code ‘EVGIFT23’ to save almost 10%. Make sure to select ‘Untethered’ and ‘Standard Installation’ at checkout.

We realise EV charging is an entirely new concept for many. Our excellent customer support team is available to offer advice by email or phone to help ensure a customer gets the right smart EV home charger for their needs, their car and their home. Please don’t hesitate to give the team a call on 020 813 80 800 to discuss your personal circumstances in more detail.

The technical details

  • 7.4kWh untethered charger.
  • PEN protection. No earth rod required.
  • Dimension 340x200x116 (LxWxH). IP54.
Optimus EV charger_ Custom-made for Airbnb and holiday homes - Optimus with icons

*These figures are for illustrative purposes only but are based on a current customer. Based on a £0.30 profit margin and 25% utilisation rate. Utilisation may vary.
**Additional solar CT hub may be required.
*** The offer is valid until December 31.
**** All affiliate partnerships are nullified for any Christmas promotion.
***** No other promotion codes apply.

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